Yellow and Red Brass

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Scrap Your Yellow & Red Brass

Both Yellow and Red Brass are alloys known as “Plumbing Brass”. Both contain copper, which is the alloy’s most valuable element. The more copper in the metal, the redder it is. Yellow brass requires purification to be valued since it is composed of less valuable components.

Brass is frequently found in domestic plumbing, piping, and electrical cables while remodeling your house and bathroom. Rather than tossing it away, recycle it with Finger Lakes Recycling and convert it into cash.

To learn more about the difference between yellow and red brass, read this article. 

How To Scrap Your Yellow & Red Brass

Brass is generally accepted at scrap yards and is easily repurposed. Brass is graded at scrap yards based on its condition. Depending on the grade of your brass, you will obtain varying pricing. To get the best pricing, separate the yellow and red brass and remove any solder or other flaws. Remove any plastic, paint, or other anything that may devalue your brass item.

The best way to sell yellow and red brass is through recycling. Bring your brass to us for appropriate disposal and we’ll pay you for it.

We offer scrap metal container services to store and easily transport large quantities or red and yellow brass scrap back to our facilities. Call us at 585-762-9080 for rates on brass metal recycling.

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