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Lead Recycling

In historic homes around Western New York, you can easily find lead pipes, sinks, and faucets. In the past, they connected waterlines to properties. Since lead is a potentially toxic metal, there has been an increase in the removal and replacement of lead pipes. When pipes are removed, the best option to dump the debris is recycling.

Lead is one of the most easily recycled elements on the planet. It can be recycled forever with no loss of quality. Today, more lead is created via recycling than is mined. Lead is still used in automobile batteries, pigments, munitions, and radiation protection.

We buy all forms of scrap lead, cable strips, reclaimed shot as well as manufacturing cut-offs.

How To Recycle Your Lead

To get the best price for your lead, sort it from other metals.

The best way to get rid of lead is proper recycling. If you have lead to recycle, bring it to us for proper disposal and get paid for the material. For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your lead and allow for easier transport back to our scrapping facilities. Call 585-762-9080 for rates on lead scrap metal recycling.

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