High-Speed Tool Steel

Recycling High-Speed Tool Steelhigh speed tools

Scrap high-speed tool steel is a set of tool steel alloys. Their ability to cut materials more quickly than conventional high-carbon steels traditionally used in cutting tools gives them their name. They are exceptionally hard, resistant to abrasion, and resistant to softening at high temperatures.

How to Scrap High-Speed Tool Steel

Steel is a material that can be recycled numerous times without losing any of its properties. Recycling steel results in energy savings of 10.9 million Btu, 1.8 barrels of oil, 2.3 m3 of landfill area, and 642 kWh per ton.

By doing the following, you can recycle high-speed steel:

  • Sorting – Separate metal from other materials.
  • Shredding – Shredders are used with rotating magnetic drums that extract steel and iron from various other materials and metals.
  • Media separation- With liquid floating systems, using electrical currents and high-pressure air flows; extra sorting of steel from other supplies could be obtained.
  • Shearing – Hydraulic machinery cuts thick heavy steel recovered from railways and ships.

Following this procedure, steel is melted and then reshaped into a variety of products, from vehicles to office supplies.

To learn more about recycling high-speed tool steel, read our Metal Recycling Guide.

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