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Aluminum  Recycling

Recycling aluminum scrap metal is a standard procedure at Finger Lakes Recycling. One of the most utilized metals is aluminum. Construction and manufacturing industries benefit greatly from its lightweight, conductive, and non-corrosive properties. It is a versatile substance essential to contemporary living. Products that are lightweight, strong, and simple to maintain are made of aluminum.

Most materials  with aluminum can be recycled easily. More valuable than any other item in your recycling container is discarded aluminum. Because industrial aluminum is used so frequently in manufacturing, it should be properly recycled to protect the environment and reduce manufacturing costs. Recycling aluminum scrap metal saves 92 percent more energy than having it made from scratch.

Where To Find Industrial Aluminum

Aluminum is used to make a wide range of products, including construction materials, goods, and auto parts. Aluminum housing and components are frequently used in consumer electronics and items in order to increase strength while minimizing weight.

To find more common places where you may find aluminum, check out our Metal Recycling Guide.

Scrap Your Aluminum

Recycle your commercial aluminum with Finger Lakes Recycling for a fair price and knowledgeable support. For clients that need assistance sorting, storing, and transporting big quantities of aluminum, we also provide scrap container services.

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