Lead-Acid Batteries

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Scrapping Lead-Acid Batteries

Learn how to recycle lead acid batteries. Large-format lead-acid batteries are commonly used for backup power supply for mobile phone towers and in high-availability applications like hospitals. They can also be utilized as stand-alone power sources.

Lead-acid batteries account for more than 80% of current global lead use and have an extraordinarily high recycling rate. In Europe and the United States, recycling rates exceed 95%.

Scrap lead acid batteries are found in Lead Battery Plates (Rails), Wet Whole Intact Batteries (Rink), and Drained/Dry Whole Intact Lead Batteries (Rains).

How To Recycle Lead Acid Batteries

Batteries do not last forever. When they lose their capacity to keep a charge, they become useless. It is critical to recycle old batteries in order to ensure that hazardous materials are reused and disposed of properly.

For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your lead acid batteries to allow for easier transport. Call 585-762-9080 or contact us for rates on recycling.

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