Door and Window Frames

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Scrapping Door Frames and Window Frames

Why is Aluminum Popular for Doors and Windows?

Aluminum can be found in many parts of your home, such as gutters, siding, window frames, doors, and more. Aluminum window frames are prized for their strong construction, low maintenance requirements, and compact appearance. Due to the frame’s narrowness, it provides a focal point.

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Recycling Window Frames and Door Frames

Within a few months, aluminum can be recycled and utilized once more. Recycling aluminum is crucial since it conserves 80% of the energy required to produce it initially.

Removing the glass, any screws, rubber, fuzz strips, plastic, and corner pieces will increase the amount of money you receive for recycling your aluminum door and window frames.

To find the current price for aluminum recycling, give us a call at 585-762-9080. Finger Lakes Recycling also offers scrap container services to accommodate your needs.

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