Cast Iron Pipe and Radiators

cast iron radiator

Cast Iron Pipe and Radiators

Older homes usually have cast iron radiators and pipes from when the homes were heated. You can sell that old radiator for money if you are upgrading your home. Bring them to a scrapyard as opposed to disposing of them in a landfill. Be careful, they can weigh anywhere from 150 to 500 lbs each, making them incredibly heavy. It is not advised to move them by yourself.

High levels of carbon are present in the iron alloy known as cast iron. A metal that is created by mixing two or more metallic elements is called an alloy. This makes the metal stronger and more corrosion-resistant.

How To Recycle Cast Iron Pipe and Radiators

The price you get for recycling cast iron pipes and radiators depends on how well they are maintained. Separate the cast iron from other scrap metals to receive the highest price.

Cast iron radiators and pipes can be disposed of most effectively through recycling. Bring it to us so we can dispose of it properly and we’ll pay you.

We offer scrap metal container services for large quantities of scrap cast iron to allow for easier storage and transportation back to our facilities. Call us at 585-762-9080 for our current rates on metal recycling.

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