how to recycle car transmissions

About Car Transmissions

There is a transmission system in every car. These transfer the engine’s power to the wheels. Transmission types changed over time. While more recent cars only have two, some still have three. Transmission systems leave behind waste as old automobiles are dismantled. All of your used auto parts are properly recycled by Finger Lakes Recycling Scrap.

4 Types of Car Transmissions

There are four different types of car transmission systems. They are manual, automatic, continuously variable, and semi-automatic.

Manual Transmissions 
In the automotive business, manual transmission systems are the most basic and traditional. The transmission shaft is joined to the engine by this gearbox. These transmissions go by a variety of designations, including stick shift, standard, and six-speed. Most contemporary automobiles lack manual transmissions. Manual systems are more effective and use less gasoline.

Automatic Transmissions 
The automatic gearbox system is the norm in the modern day when it comes to a streamlined driving experience. Although automated transmissions are more common than manual transmissions, they offer less performance and present more challenges.

Continuously Variable Transmissions 

A computer controls the belts and pulleys in this transmission. This offers an infinite power ratio range. It doesn’t use any gears, in contrast to other systems.

Semi-Automatic / Dual Clutch Transmissions 
This transmission system offers incredibly quick gear changes that no other transmission system can match.

How to Recycle Transmissions

We can pick up your transmission system once you’ve taken it out of your automobile. Cast iron, high-temp and nickel alloys, aluminum, brass, and other materials are used to make transmission systems. Regardless of the type of transmission you have, we have the tools to recycle it and pay you top dollar.

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