Drums and Rotors

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Recycle Your Drums and Rotors

Every car has big steel discs called brake rotors. Since they are frequently heavy (15–30 lbs. each), recycling them may be advantageous if you have a lot of them. Finger Lakes Recycling will accept used brake rotors from trucks, cars, vans, and bigger commercial vehicles.

How To Recycle Old Drums and Rotors

We are interested in any vehicle’s braking rotors or drums. The brake drums should ideally be taken off the rotors. The brake rotors might need to be degraded if they are linked with ceramic or plastic. Separate them from your other metals to get the greatest price.

The ideal method for getting rid of used brake rotors and drums is recycling. Bring them to us so we can dispose of them properly and you’ll be reimbursed for the material. We provide scrap metal container services for large numbers to store your used drums and rotors and make it simpler to carry them back to our scrapping facility.

Current Prices for Drums and Rotors

Finger Lakes Recycling strives to offer the best pricing for drums and rotors across the Buffalo and Western New York area. Before you visit, call us for our current prices.

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