Metal Recycling Guide

Learn how to turn scrap metal into cash.

Do you have unnecessary metal in your home? Are you wondering what to do with it? Your instinct is to throw them away, but you can easily turn scrap metal into cash by taking it to Finger Lakes Recycling.

Finger Lakes Recycling offers the best value for scrap metal in the West New York area. Read the guide to learn about the types of metals you can recycle, how to properly separate materials, and more.

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The Benefits of Recycling Metals

Conservation of Natural Resources

Metal recycling is important because it reduces the need to produce new metals. By minimizing this need, you help conserve natural resources like coal and iron ore used in metal production. It is essential to consider resources such as coal, as the burning of coal is one of the main causes of climate change.

Save Energy

It takes large amounts of energy to produce new metals. Less energy is needed to recycle metals. By recycling your scrap, you can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Earn Money

In addition to helping the environment, you can reap financial benefits. Finger Lakes Recycling pays for scrap and offers the best rates in West New York.

Find Scrap Metal in Your Home

You Can Recycle More Than You Think

Explore the various places around your home where you can find scrap metal. Click on each image to learn more.

You Can Recycle More Than You Think
Shed Outside Garage Living Room Kitchen Bedroom + Bathroom Basement



BBQ Grills
Lawn Furniture
Screen Doors/Windows
Weed Whackers


Bedroom + Bathroom


How to Recycle Scrap Metal

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, your best option is to sell it to the scrap yard. This way you can earn money while helping the environment.

1. Separate Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

First, you’ll want to separate the ferrous from the non-ferrous. We recycle both, but offer different prices for each. Iron refers to any metal that contains iron and is therefore magnetic. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron and are therefore non-magnetic.

Use a magnet to tell what kind of metal you have. If it the magnet sticks, your scrap metal is ferrous. If it doesn’t, its non-ferrous.

If your scrap is non-ferrous, it’s most likely to be made of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Non-ferrous metals are usually worth more than ferrous.

2. Contact Finger Lakes Recycling for a Current Pricing

Like any commodity, prices change frequently. Contact us for current prices for the metal you have.

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3. Reserve a Container if Necessary

If you have a large amount of scrap metal, you could reserve a container from us. If you just have a few pieces you want to get rid of, reserving a container isn’t necessary.

Finger Lakes Recycling offers dump trailers, flatbeds, van trailers, roll-off from 15 yards to 50 yards, and roller bins with valves.

Click here to learn more about our container services.

4. Drop off Scrap Metal

Come to our scrapyard at 2216 Angling Rd Finger Lakes Region, NY to drop off your scrap. Click here for directions. 

5. Get Paid

Now for the best part! Finger Lakes Recycling will pay you the best price for your metal in all of Western New York.

Do you want to recycle your scrap metal?

Contact Finger Lakes Recycling today! Bring it to us for proper handling and get paid for the scrap. We offer bulk scrap container services to store your metal and allow easy transportation to our processing facilities.